Friday, April 1, 2011

Killer Move by Michael Marshall [Smith]

I'm now a member of Amazon Vine, a program that provides members with advance review copies of various books.  Mostly I won't mention my Vine reviews here, since they'll be of books with no relevance to horror fiction, but my latest read is an exception.  The thriller Killer Move is written by Michael Marshall, a pseudonym of the much-lauded horror writer Michael Marshall Smith, and while it's a non-supernatural novel, the bewildering world into which its protagonist is cast has an air of inexplicable menace that I think would appeal to many horror fans.  My review of the book, which comes out in hardcover at the end of June, is here.

Coming soon (like, within a couple hours): a review of The White Hands and Other Weird Tales, by Mark Samuels.

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