Monday, January 14, 2013

Apparitions 2: an anthology that deserves your support

A quick one here, for people (if any) who read this blog but don't follow any of the other venues where I've made similar posts. Michael Kelly is seeking funding for Apparitions 2, a follow-up to his original anthology of ghostly fiction. The new volume will feature fiction from major contemporary writers like Glen Hirshberg, Kathe Koja, John Langan, Sarah Langan, Mark Morris, Reggie Oliver, M. Rickert, and Simon Strantzas. In spite of that star-studded lineup, the IndieGogo funding campaign is hovering at about 50% with 36 hours to go, so I'm doing what I can to bring in money. For a $25 contribution, you get a copy of the anthology, so it's basically like placing a pre-order. Larger donations offer other perks, such as a galley copy of the original Apparitions, in addition to the copy of Apparitions 2. If you can spare the cash, it's certainly a worthy project: