Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm sorry...

... but I'm posting to promote eBay items again.  In this case, though, they are at least of genuine interest to horror collectors.  I'm selling my copies of The Secretary of Dreams Volumes One and Two and Blockade Billy, all by Stephen King and published by Cemetery Dance.  You can see the listing, complete with photos, here.  I'm accepting best offers on these books; don't hesitate to make one.  And don't forget that I'm giving away a lot of other Cemetery Dance books here.

I finished the last Fafhrd/Mouser book yesterday, and had hoped to write the Noonday Sun post about the series today, but I'm down with a bad cold that has damaged my ability to form coherent thoughts.  (Yes, you in the back, "even more than usual.")  So later this week, I hope.

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