Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The title of this blog comes from "Credo," Oliver Onions' introduction to his Collected Ghost Stories:
Ghosts, it is advanced, either do not exist at all, or else, like the stars at noonday, they are there all the time and it is we who cannot see them.
I thought it was a nice phrase and a useful metaphor, so I stole it.

I'm Brendan Moody. This is my LiveJournal, where I post random comments on things that catch my eye and make bad jokes.  The blog you're reading now will deal only with ghost stories and other types of horror fiction.  I intend what I write here to be a bit longer, a bit more formal, and less burdened with cheap humor.  But no promises.

Coming soon: a post about my Halloween, such as it was.

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